Truth is one, paths are many 卍
ميغيل نجم الكون

To wake up dazed and lost, feeling like somehow you just came back from this long journey and in its root, a place that maybe you belonged even more than this reality. My visual work reflects and explores this pseudo-reality hidden deep within all of us.

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Impossible Redux Deus

For the coming of spring, the second chapter of the solstice series explores subtle blossoming melodies in contrast to heavy rooted bass lines, and leafy percussive arrangements. As bloom regards to blossom, this set is in loving dedication to my brother; @mattgattis

Again and always, thanks to my brother from back home @stonetapemusic for mastering and also giving this chapter the tonal detail the story deserves. And to all, thanks for listening…

Mugen "infinity" series

Hyper Redux Alpha

Simplex series

I am vs Yvaral

A classic papi chulo battle, rum on hand, two record b2b with my brother from back home Emma. Sling shot attitude, two man, round the corner continual series. Thanks for listening…

Cosmic scales

S - Symbol enigma series:
Possibly every kid has come cross this symbol, there’s no trace to its original heritage or roots; a great example of collective unconscious? Growing up it was an obsession… 

Half full tin, dancing needles, half smoked cigarettes, a wired dj, a jet lagged sidekick, and many laughs. This is a raw 51 min mix, and a preamble to the coming Spring Solstice mix.

ongoing Hamsah hand series. 

ongoing Hamsah hand series. 

The time is nigh for I am, we are ‘s debut mix. The set includes soundscapes and harmonies that have influenced or somehow paved my 11 harmonic paths. A past, present and future conversation within our knit family, presented in a seasonal format. A 1,000,000 thanks to my comrade and good friendStonetape for mastering the first part of the Solstice series. This one is for my brother Dennis…

Sway Series

Trinity Series

Recorded live at the inaugural edition of Sublimate a new Brooklyn party dedicated to bring you quality underground house and techno. Here we present an excerpt of I am vs. Dahlia modesty whopping three hour closing set. The first party was a massive success and their set provided the perfect vibes to closeout the party and bring on the sunrise. Enjoy!